Fact’s about Basic Science Products

  • No label dressing, smoke, and mirrors or magic. Every ingredient in our formulation has been researched and proven effective in optimizing the production of today’s high performing Goats, that’s why we are proud to call it Basic Science.
  • Species Specific – not just another “one size fits all” multi-species supplement. Basic Science rations are specifically made for Goats.
  • Comprehensive – the most nutritionally comprehensive supplement on the market.
  • Pelleted for increased palatability, digestibility, and blend consistency.
  • Palatable – Basic Science, Inc. designed, conducted and analyzed multiple palatability studies to determine commodities preferred by goats.
  • Researched – Carefully formulated for ingredient content, concentration, balance, bio-availability and alleviation of antagonists using the most up-to-date research data.
  • Consistent Formula – Ingredients and therefore, predictable performance will be the same from batch to batch.